Time to prepare for Fall Leagues!

  • To begin a new league we need a minimum of 12 players (for teams of 3 people) or 16 players (for teams of 4 people)
  • Currently looking to open new leagues on Mondays, Wednesdays or Sundays.  Leagues can be weekly, bi-weekly or once per month.
  • Most existing Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday leagues are full at the moment, but if these are the only dates available to you, we can consider an earlier start time (2-4pm), or put you on a waiting list if a spot opens up on a team.

No matter your skill level, we have a league for you! Some leagues meet just once per month, some meet weekly, and the prices are very reasonable for a great night of friends, fun and GETTING OUT!  There IS a league for you!  We have existing leagues and may have vacancies that need filling, but we are also open to beginning new leagues.  We require only a minimum of 12 people to start a new league!  

Leagues can be serious, and leagues can be social.  Leagues can be about any community or group!  We have had leagues for date nights for couples, leagues for people who live on the same block, and leagues for men's groups, and ladies' nights out, leagues for craft beer aficionados, leagues for wine fans, leagues for school parent groups, and other reasons.  

We are currently building the ranks for our existing leagues, and considering new leagues.  No matter what level of commitment, skill in bowling, or how comfortable with competition you are, we have something for YOU!  We can tailor a league for YOUR group of any kind.  If you're interested in a league we do not offer, contact us at, and we will see what we can do for you!


938 Warren Ave
Downers Grove, IL 60515


Just around the corner from the Tivoli Theatre, you’ll find 12 wood lanes tucked beneath the auditorium, Tivoli Bowling Center. It’s a place where the entire family will feel right at home because of its size and atmosphere.

To take a virtual tour of our center click below.

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