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Let others do the talking for us, because we don’t want to brag (too much).

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“This is the second family party I have hosted at Tivoli Bowl, I love the party room and each time the staff if great! Robin is wonderful and helpful, both from planning the party and during the party. Everyone had fun bowling or watching the fun. Thank you SO much for everything!”

“The staff was wonderful and everyone in our party had a great time! Thank you Chuck!”

“We all had a great time at our outing. Everything was great and your crew was wonderful! We love this place!”

“My daughter said it’s the best party she’s ever had. She and all her friends had fun. The lady who supervised was wonderful!”

Glow Bowl

“Robin did an excellent job of ordering pizza, making sure we were settled, and making sure we had everything we needed for bowling!”

“Reasonable rate, ease of registration, drink and food choices.”

“Everything ran smoothly and the staff was exceptional. Courteous and accommodating...”

“Very convenient and families enjoy bowling.”

“My sisters and I rented the space our for my parent’s 50th anniversary party, we had about 40 people there. Your staff and Robin did a tremendous job. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the bowling alley and party room.”


938 Warren Ave
Downers Grove, IL 60515


Just around the corner from the Tivoli Theatre you’ll find 12 wood lanes tucked beneath the auditorium, Tivoli Bowling Center. It’s a place where the entire family will feel right at home, because of it's size and atmosphere.

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